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The Ultimate CRM Solution for Education and HR

The ultimate management system for educational facilities of any kind. For the staff of schools, academies, and learning centers alike.

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Meet WavesTech

The objective of this software is to create a simple yet advanced system for keeping track of each student’s classwork, study habits, and grades. Additionally, fully customized HR versions of the software are available to match each particular business’s operations.

This collection of features in one easy to operate interface accelerates and simplifies the student management process, removing unnecessary questions and interaction with students.

Tech Service

Data Protection

Fully Customizable

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Our Software Services

Education Software

Our software allows teachers, parents, and students (adjustable) to track academic progress and pinpoint improvable areas.

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HR Management

Fully customized HR versions of the software are available to match each particular business’s operations and staff.

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Software Solutions

We provide software to better the convenience and management of businesses from schools to offices.

Guaranteed improvements in:

  • Clarity of student of employee tasks.
  • Parent and student understanding.
  • Improved reach of goals.
  • Personal task management.

Technology Academy

WavesTech Academy teaches the most useful aspect of IT technology from hardware and software to data science.

Improved understanding of:

  • Computer hardware - make the right choice when buying a new computer.
  • Software - learn about the most useful programs used worldwide.
  • Data - you'll learn about data types and how data is stored.
  • How to use and relate modern technology to your life.

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  • Mohamed
    Awesome software
  • Yaser
    Cool stuff
  • Matt Kiba
    The most useful software my business has ever acquired. It's taken out the work for an entire group of staff.
    Matt Kiba
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