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WavesTech is the ultimate management system for educational facilities and business centers of any kind. For the staff of schools, academies, and learning centers alike, the simple yet highly capable software allows for the quick and easy viewing of registered students. The software allows users to filter students by criterias like course type, consultant, student advisor, and registration status. The various registration statuses, such as active, expired, frozen, and renewed, allow managers to quickly skim down to particular students of interest. This collection of features in one easy to operate interface accelerates and simplifies the student management process, removing unnecessary questions and interaction with students—whether it be about the student’s enrollment status or academic performance.

Students and Parents

The objective of this software is to create a simple yet advanced system for keeping track of each student’s classwork, study habits, and grades. The software not only records the student’s assignment scores, but also his or her overall progress and possible stumbling blocks. Additionally, the software can be used to identify improvements that can be made in order to quickly and easily raise class grades. Helpful evaluations and visualizations are created by the software, allowing the parents and/or students to target areas that would make the biggest impact on their performance. Parents have the privilege of viewing the data first that may or may not be shared with the students. Parents can also view whether or not students attend class and turn in their assignments on time. If the student is sick or cannot attend class for some reason, the student or parent may mark the day as unattended with zero interaction with the teacher.

HR and Retail Applications

Fully customized HR versions of the software are available to match each particular business’s operations. One goal of this software is to minimize the wasted time spent interacting with employees and managers by giving staff the ability to digitally mark their role or attendance each day. If a server, for example, must suddenly take the day off, as soon as his or her status is marked in the software, the business can immediately view the options to substitute the lack of workforce and take the best course of action.

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